Events SP-TBI is a hub for various Events, Activities, Workshops and Informal Coffee Meetups. These activities are aimed at developing Entrepreneurial Skillset, Solving the pain points of founders and creating a collaborative community of entrepreneurs.

  • Aim:
    a) Giving a Talent Acquisition Platform for Startups and Early Stage Companies
    b) Platform for individuals to get an opportunity to work with innovative and high growth companies
  • Domain: Recruitment and HR

Startup Job & Internship Summit is a platform that focusses on the recruitment needs of Startups and giving students the opportunity to work with innovative high growth companies. The last version of the Summit received an overwhelming response from more than 30 innovative companies offering 200+ roles to 450 plus students. Over 1,000 interviews were conducted in a span of 7 hours. Different roles in the domain of Technology, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Finance, Strategy, Operations, Content Writing, Graphic Designing etc. were offered by companies.

  • Aim: To help entrepreneurs in understanding the process of raising capital from Angels and VCs
  • Domain: Fundraising

Raising capital is a long and tedious process with multiple steps. Venture Capital De-Jargoned is a program that helps entrepreneurs in understanding one of the most important aspects of running and scaling a business - Raising Capital. The program gives entrepreneurs a holistic understanding of capital raising process. It is packed with case studies, interactions with entrepreneurs and investor who have been there and done it. This unique hands on program is designed by Entrepreneurs who have successfully raised capital for their business, Investment bankers who have successfully run capital raising process for various companies & Investors who have invested in early stage companies and startups.

  • Aim: Solving the biggest painpoint of Startups – Customer Acquisition
  • Domain: Marketing and Sales

MARK'UP is a workshop for founders to solve their biggest pain point - How to acquire customers and that too with limited budgets. The workshop guides founders in creating customer acquisition, creating a marketing plan based on startup budget, which medium to choose etc. The Workshop includes theoretical as well as worksheet based learning on various topics related to different aspects of Marketing and Sales.

  • Aim: Helping Founders in understanding the legal aspects of Startups
  • Domain: Law

The Legals View helps in understanding the legalities pertaining to startups. It covers topic like Laws related to incorporation of the entity, IPR & how to safeguard it, Understanding term-sheet, due diligence & definitive agreements.

  • Aim: Understanding basics of Accounting and Finance
  • Domain: Accounting and Finance

Technology Entrepreneurs generally have limited understanding about Accounting and Finance. Account IT is a platform that helps Founders understand basic concepts of Accounts and Finance and mistakes they should avoid from accounting and compliance perspective.

  • Aim: Learning through informal discussions over a cup of coffee with experts from various fields

Coffee with Catalyst is an informal chat session conducted at SP-TBI for Founders with experts from various sectors where they discuss their experiences as well as help Founders in solving certain specific pain areas. Founders meet and discuss their challenges and find a solution with the guidance of the catalysts.

  • Aim: Giving Technology Students a platform to commercialize their Project Ideas and convert them into ventures
  • Domain: Creating New Businesses

Procom is a National Level competition for Technology Students to showcase innovative ideas that can be transformed into a commercially viable ventures. The projects are evaluated on basis of Concept, Value Proposition, Technology, Market Significance etc. The winners and runners-up are awarded cash prize to seed fund their ideas along with incubation support at SP-TBI that includes office space, technology infrastructure, IPR support, mentoring, talent pool etc. The winners also become eligible for deferred placement scheme of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology through which they get jobs in case they fail to create a sustainable business.